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How to Make a Humidor Out of Tupperware: Tupperdor 

So you want to make a humidor, or maybe you already have one that’s not working well. I’ve seen many people trying to use different kinds of containers to store their sticks in, but not everyone knows how humidors are supposed to work. If want…


Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco Guide 

Experienced cigar smokers enjoy more flavorful tobacco. One popular type of tobacco is called, “Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco.” In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about this special brand of tobacco. What Is Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco? Connecticut Broadleaf Tobacco is a special…

Cigar Storage

Guide On Storing Cigars in Original Boxes 

There are many ways to store cigars. A cool, dark place with moderate humidity is considered by most cigar experts to be the ideal storage condition for premium handmade cigars. If you want your cigars to stay fresh for as long as possible, keeping them…


How To Choose The Best Humidor Wood For Cigars 

If you’ve been shopping for humidors lately, then you know there are many different choices. One of the biggest differences between humidors is the wood that they’re made from. What is Humidor Wood? Humidor wood, sometimes called Spanish cedar or cigar boxwood, is a specific…

Buying Guides

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story vs. Best Seller 

Cigar experts enjoy learning about the different benefits and features of cigars so they can have a better understanding of what they are smoking. This article will help to clarify the differences between two popular Arturo Fuente brands so readers can get a better sense…


Long Filler Cigars 

When purchasing cigars, you can choose long-filler or short-filler cigars. This choice will determine the price and experience of the cigar. Most of the time, long-filler cigars will cost more because they are considered premium cigars. What Are Long Filler Cigars? Long filler cigars are…

Guides, Cigar Storage

How To Fix a Leaky Cigar Humidor 

When your humidor leaks, you need to get it fixed. Leaks can be caused by a lack of humidity, over humidification, or poor construction. Regardless, you have to fix the issue before your cigars suffer from an unexpected trip into the harsh real world. Fixing…