A good cigar lighter is a must if you want to take your smoking experience to another level. The way a cigar is lit can change everything about it, from taste to smoke.

Which is why it is always advised to not use a candle, or a matchstick but to use a butane torch lighter.

Mostly when somebody who doesn’t know what they are buying such as somebody buying a gift the determining factors for the purchase usually are design and price.

As important as design and price is, they are not why the lighters are used and which is why when purchasing we have to keep certain things in mind.

We at CigarHunk believe that a good lighter is more then a fuel pumped jet show, it is something you hold in your hand that represents you. It should light with precision and feel premium in hand. Which is for 2018 our pick for best lighter is Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame.

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When Selecting The Best Cigar Lighter For You

Flame Power: When buying it is important to buy a lighter which is strong flame rather than weak flame that we experience with smaller bic type lighters.

If you are smoking small ring size cigars then maybe bic will suffice but if they are thick then you will have to go for something stronger which will keep it burning for a long time.

Torch Lighters: Torch lighters are the most preferred way of lighting a stogie. Using a double torch lighters can reduce the time it takes significantly. Also they are mostly odorless which means when lighting your cigar no flavor will get transferred and the cigar gives you the most authentic flavor.

This is also one of the reasons why Torch lighters are quite preferred in the cigar industry, after all the taste of a cigar is what we want to enjoy, we wouldn’t want anything ruining that right?

They are also more wind resistant, and sometimes if stated also windproof which means lighting a cigar outdoors is much more easier and faster then using a single flame bic lighter.

Functionality: Remember there are all sorts of cool looking lighters available in the market, but what matters the most is the functionality. Simple things like position of cover, jet power, resistance and burn time can really impact the quality of the cigar. In our list of the cigar lighters we have selected the ones that are good overall and are most bang for the buck.

Fluid Meter: A good bonus feature to have is the fluid meter, some might not have it and if you are one of those who would rather buy a new one then refilling it then this feature might be moot to you but if you are one of those who would rather refill and keep using the same thing then this might be perfect for you.

You can easily keep tabs on how much fluid is left and plan a refill accordingly. Torch fluid burns pretty quickly so it is always a good idea to keep one refill bottle on the side.

Flame Adjustment: Its a simple control that lets you control the strength of the jet so you can adjust it according to your mood and cigar. Thinner ones require less power to burn whereas thicker ones require a lot of strength to lit up.

You should never light a thick one with light power and vice versa. Keeping this in mind can really enhance your cigar smoking experience especially when using a cigar lighter.

Now that you have a basic idea of what we are trying to get from our lighters lets jump into our selection for cigars.

Best Butane Lighter Quick Selection!

Candle Flame Butane Lighter Comes from respectable brand Triple jet powered candle flame Perfect for those who like soft flame to light cigars. Check on Amazon Triple Flame Powered Lighter Flames are extremely strong Budget price keeps it affordable Perfect for those who smoke outdoors Check on Amazon Xikar Forte is for those who want great design with quality product. Carbon Fiber finish and chasis design in the front. Powerful single jet flame with large fuel adjustment wheel. Check on Amazon For those who want something different Modern and young design looks great in hand. Perfect for out of ordinary folks Check on Amazon

Cigar Lighters Under $100

Xikar is a well known well loved company among the aficionados, rightly so there products are always well built and good quality.

Trezo utilizes something out of the box with its in-line technology. Which basically is that rather then having triangular jets like how they are mostly, these jets are in one line or in a row. The outer jets are angled inwards whereas the center jet is straight. This idea gives an excellent powerful windproof flame in the center. If you like a good looking flame then you will really enjoy this piece.

This idea is excellent for lighting small ring gauges cigars to thicker ring gauges cigars. Smaller cigar can just use the tip of the lighter with pinpoint accuracy.

Design wise the lighter is simple and feels really good in hand. It is thicker on the top and narrow in the bottom. It also has an automatic flip cover, which opens when you start the lighter automatically. It also comes with fuel window so you can easily know the quantity of the fuel in the container. Along with this it also comes with Xikar’s easy to turn fuel adjustment that lets you adjust the power as per your requirement.

Like the Bugatti this too started in the $100 range but ever since have dropped in the price, you can click below to check out the latest price on Amazon.

As you can see this cigar lighter comes jam packed with features, good design and with Xikar’s famous lifetime warranty it is something that you will enjoy for years.

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Black Label Dictator is a flat flame lighter which is best for toasting cigars. It is more heavier and sturdier then all the other usual lighters but if you are looking for something strong in your hand then this will be the perfect choice for you.

The flame is not exactly the most powerful one but it is also not weak flame, it is somewhere in the middle and does the job quite well.

It is also a two step lighter which means you have to first flip the lid open and then ignite it. The pusher on the front have to be pressed for it to ignite with beautiful flat flames.

It also has  a fold down 7mm punch cutter integrated in it along with nice fuel gauge on the side. Overall the price is worth it and it is the best if you are a fan of flat flames but if you are looking for something more powerful then this won’t be for you.

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Xikar Forte is an all in one single flame quality lighter out there. Xikar as a company is quite trusted in the industry so its obvious that there products must be of high quality too.

The forte is a single jet lighter with a fold out cigar punch (7MM), large fuel adjustment wheel, red hue fuel gauge and has a simple one thumb action to ignite.

Design wise it is based on car rods from the front. Its got a nice panel in front which feel quite sturdy and give it a nice aesthetic appeal.

Overall this cigar lighter is jam packed but it is a single flame and for its price it might be too much. It also comes with Xikar’s lifetime warranty which is always good.

It is definitely one of the best butane lighter out there to get.

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Lotus L29 is a full metal body with matte and chrome finish and has a giant round button for ignition located in the top center. It is automatic that means when the button is pressed the lid opens and ignition begins. It is wind resistant and not wind proof.

Aesthetically this lighter takes the cake, it feels good in the hand and burns nicely. The price point is a bit on the higher end and they are almost always running out of stock.

The Jet however is single jet flame and has been known to be inconsistent . It is an issue some have faced but not many, so it would be a good idea to keep that in mind.

If you are looking for a cigar lighter for aesthetic reasons I think you will be quite happy with it.

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Lamborghini itself is a quite high luxury brand with one of the best cars in the world, so they need no introduction. This is proof of there creativity and application mind. If you are looking for a lighter that is jet, runs on butane and looks cool as hell then this lighter is the way to go.

It has 3 jets system which combine when ignited to give a flame of an candle. The flame on top is quite like the flame you get from candles only much stronger and without any wax chemicals.

It also comes with a fuel gauge which is situated behind above the title of the company.

Aesthetically speaking it looks quite cool and modern, just like the cars might I say? It functions very well and looks good while doing so. It is only wind resistant and not wind proof and also comes with an inbuilt torch. If the design in the picture is not of your liking then you can also go after many designs they have in the same model on amazon.

It also comes in a beautiful case that in my opinion is worth the price alone. As usual the price keeps updating so you can check out the latest price below. If you want a candle flame then it is the best butane lighter that you can get.

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This is one lighter I wish there were more designs to choose from. It is small compared to others but is as powerful and efficient as everyone for your cigar.

It’s simple with no extra features such as punch etc. It does come with a window to check the fuel level.

Overall its quite a convenient piece which is small enough to fit nicely in your pockets and works well enough for you to light your cigars easily.

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Xikar enigma II is one of the more budget options for cigars from them. It has 2 flames, manual flip top, huge adjustment wheel for easy adjusting and a fuel window.

In an attempt to be cheap so more people can buy it the design is quite simplistic along with its features. There is nothing more to it apart from the fact that it is designed well and works as well as all Xikar lighters.

If you are looking for a good cigar lighter that works well and is cheap, it will be the perfect choice for you.

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A 3 flame wind resistant single press Visol Handle is definitely one of the most different looking from the bunch. It comes in 2 designs one black matte and the other chrome finish.

It is a bit on the heavy side so that it feels comfortable and sturdy in hand while using it. The flame adjustment is easy and works very well in windy conditions.

If you like easy buttons then this might not be for you as sometimes can be quite tough to operate it but if you are looking for something like this which is sturdy in hands and can work in well in breezy conditions then this might be a good tool for you.

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Cigar Lighter Under $50

This simple looking lighter is perfect for those looking for something reliable, from a trusted company and cheap.

Features wise there is not much to say, it comes with a 9mm cigar punch and a powerful jet. The flames are quite strong and are powered with butane fuel. It also has an adjustment fuel to control the power of flame.

Xikar as a company is loved by everyone for there warranties and quality of the products, it is definitely a one to get in the under 50 range..

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Cigar lighter Under $30

A simple triple jet butane torch that is also very cheap and is very reliable. It has all the basic features such as punch cutter and an auto opening cap when the fire lever is pulled.

Aesthetically it is quite good and very eye pleasing. In a black shine finish it feels good in the hands because of it ergonomic design.

Price wise it hits all the right spots to be the best one in under $30 range. It looks good, is powerful with triple jet, comes with usual attachments and has good user reviews.

The asking price is quite less so if you want something that is cheap and good, this is the option to go for.

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As with anything Bugatti this too was premium priced at $100 when launched but ever since then the price has dropped drastically and it is way more worth the price now. It is designed in black rubber finish with silver casing and is windproof. It also has an inbuilt foldout cigar punch cutter.

Aesthetically speaking it is not something out of the box, or something that will catch your eye from far. It is a simple lighter with very specific design which feels good in hand. The plastic is a bit too harsh though.

The main highlight it is the flame. The triple flames look beautiful when ignited and yes they are quite strong. Along with powerful flames the fuel tank is quite large on it so you don’t have to refuel it that frequently. It comes with lifetime warranty which covers the product incase it stops working.

Overall it may not have much going for it when it comes design but is definitely powerful when it comes to its triple flame power.

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All in all some are quite high in price while others are in budget range. It depends on you if you want from the company that creates one of the best cars in the world or something cheap and does the job.

Eventually it has to light your cigar and if the cheap one does the job as well as the $100+ plus one you are good to go but it is always easier to select when you know the best cigar lighters that are available.