Cigar experts enjoy learning about the different benefits and features of cigars so they can have a better understanding of what they are smoking.

This article will help to clarify the differences between two popular Arturo Fuente brands so readers can get a better sense of what they’re smoking.

The tone is expertly knowledgeable and it includes facts that experts would know but beginners might not be familiar with. It uses specific details, such as where each type of cigar came from, how it’s made, and even differences in flavor between the two. Overall, this is an excellent piece for someone who is either looking to learn information or needs clarification on why there are two types of Hemingway cigars by Arturo Fuente.

The article talks about some of the differences between Arturo Fuente’s best seller and short story cigars.

What Is an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story?

An Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story is a popular and flavorful cigar. It’s a fantastically full and rich smoke with excellent flavors and aromas. The Short Story is characteristically complex, with flavors of coffee, cocoa, and other fine dark chocolate.

An expert cigar enthusiast should be well aware that it is made at the Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia in the Dominican Republic by Carlos Fuente Jr. The wrapper leaf used on Hemingway Short Story cigars comes from Chateau de la Fuente-the family’s private estate in Saint James, Haiti. The filler tobacco blend contains tobaccos that are aged for a minimum of five years before they are rolled into cigars.

What Is an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller?

The best seller is a lighter version of the short story, which has been slightly toned down in terms of flavor intensity. Consequently, the Best Seller is a little more approachable for novice smokers who want to enjoy a milder smoke.

Differences Between Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story and Best Seller

The short story has a few features that make it unique from the best seller. Short stories have a very noticeable pigtail cap, which is a small piece of the wrapper on the head of the cigar leftover from when they used razor blades to cut it off instead of cigar scissors.

The finish of the cigar is also more rustic compared to its counterpart, as well as being slightly lighter in flavor.

While it may seem like common knowledge, knowing these differences can help you understand what you are smoking better and enjoy your smoke that much more.

Some additional information:

  • The bestseller is milder than a short story  (note: mild in cigar terms usually means a flavorless smoke)
  • The bestseller is a machine-made cigar, which uses less human labor and makes it easier to produce in mass quantities.
  • The short story is hand-rolled and filled with more tobaccos than the best seller.
  • The short story only has one size while there are many sizes of the bestseller brand.
  • Both cigars come from Arturo Fuente but have different target markets: the bestseller is for beginners while the short story is for more advanced smokers who enjoy full flavors and looking for something special and unique about their cigars.
  • The short story is noticeably lighter in color and flavor
  • The bestseller uses a blend of wrappers from Ecuador and Brazil, while the short story has African Cameroon as its wrapper.
  • Short stories have a pigtail cap on the end of the cigar (best seller does not)

Who Should Choose Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story?

Short stories are wonderful cigars that can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced smokers. The extra flavors of chocolate, coffee, and cocoa make it a fantastic treat after dinner, and its complex and rustic appearance is very aesthetically pleasing. However, the best part about short story cigars is that there’s an entire world of new flavors to explore with every cigar.

Depending on how you like your smoke to taste, we recommend this for more experienced smokers or aficionados (noobies will probably find it too strong). It has a great presentation as well-the pigtail cap at the end makes flipping through Cigar Aficionado.

If you like sweet cigars, you will love the Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story cigar.

Who Should Choose Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller?

The bestseller is also great for new smokers or those with less experience in the cigar world. It’s mild enough to be smoked any time of day and has a more approachable price than most other cigars.

This is a fine smoke that any beginner would enjoy! However, it’s not quite as complex or full-flavored as its counterpart, so it may bore some more advanced smokers.

It has a nice appearance with minimal veins on its wrapper leaf and an attractive band. The finish is very smooth and elegant-it burns evenly all the way down to the nub.

The Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller has a milder flavor than the short story, so if you like milder flavors, this is probably the cigar for you.

It’s a fantastic smoke at a great price and has the same unique flavor and presentation as its bigger brother, but it can be enjoyed by anyone who loves smoking cigars-from beginners to advanced smokers.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller vs. Short Story: Which is Better?

Neither cigar is objectively better than the other. It comes down to preference.

To help you figure out which one is better for you, consider your preferred flavor and strength, as well as your budget-the bestseller, is typically cheaper, but it doesn’t have the same depth of flavors that a short story does.

It comes down to preference: what do you like better? Flavor or price?

Both cigars are high quality and made by exceptional cigar blenders, so any aficionado will be happy to smoke either one.

What The Experts Say

Most cigar experts prefer the short story over the best seller, but it’s really up to personal preference. Experts typically point to the short story as having more complex flavors, especially chocolate and coffee.

Experts consider the short story to have better construction, burn quality, draw, and flavors.


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