The pleasure of every cigar smoker is having the right gadget for his cigar, ranging from a good cigar humidor to a good cigar cutter. Nothing ruins a cigar faster than a bad cut when opening its head. Biting a bit out of your cigar cap can cause undesired effects like leaving residues of tobacco between your teeth. That’s uncool, especially for an ardent smoker who has a long life passion for cigar. For this reason, you should have a cigar cutter that suits your needs perfectly because it is important the cut be done with a swift motion with a well-sharpened tool.

A cigar cutter is a tool, which can be used to open the head of the cigar, thereby allowing free passage of air and smoke when the cigar is lit. The shape and size of the cut made by a cigar cutter varies from one cutter to another.

Some make a straight cut on the head of the cigar,these are known as the GUILLOTINE or STRAIGHT CUTTERS and some make a V-shape when used, these are known as the V CUTTERS.

Benefits and Uses of Cigar Cutters

A cigar punch is a tool used for making a small hole in the cigar head so before smoking it. The small hole created by a cigar punch allows little passage of air when smoking the cigar and this causes the cigar light to die off occasionally.So to avoid this kind of issue and enjoy your cigar for a longer period of time, it is best to use a cigar cutter because this creates a bigger hole no matter the type of cutter you use,be it a straight cutter or a v –cutter.

A cigar cutter can be used effectively on all types of cigar,ranging from a figurado shaped cigar to a torpedo-shaped one.The advantages of a cigar cutter are in its versatility because the cigar punch has limitations to it use when it comes to figurado or the torpedo shaped cigar.

Important Consideration When Purchasing Your Cigar Cutter

When purchasing a cigar cutter and you desire to purchase the best,the following factors should be considered before you make any purchase:

  • The Design:

When buying a cigar cutter never compromise on the design, because you are going to be with it throughout the day in most cases. So buying a cutter that you are not proud to bring out in public places is not a good idea. There are so many design out there that you would surely love, all thanks to the companies making the cutter.

  • Sharpness:

Another factor to consider when buying a cigar cutter is its sharpness. Most cigar cutters come pre-sharpened from the manufacturer. If it is not sharpened out of the box,it’snot advisable you buy it. Self-sharpening cigar cutters are available on the market(double blade cutters). I would advise you go for those ones because they usually have a high durability and last longer than the single blade cigar cutters.

  • Comfort and Ergonomics:

The ease of use of a cigar cutter is not something you should joke with either. Reason being that it is a tool you would be using if you were a passionate smoker almost all the time. Therefore, to prevent yourself from looking stupid in public while trying to be cool and to avoid injury during its use, go for a cigar cutter that is easy to use and handle.

  • Size and Shape:

This factor also matters a lot when buying a cutter. Cigar cutters come in various sizes and shapes.Small pocket size ones,which you can put in in your pocket and use on the go because are really cool as they are also very light to carry around.The medium sized ones used by occasional smokers can be put on your office table.

  • Price

The price of the cutter also matters. It’s just a cutter, so, I don’t imagine spending a fortune to get one. As much as the most expensive products denote class and are often the most effective, the best cigar cutters are just as effective and come at affordable prices. Cost-effectiveness constitutes to the positive reviews any product gets.

Reviews on Best Cigar Cutter 2017

This review consists of a series of products that have been chosen with reference to the guide above. Choosing ay one of them will guarantee you a wonderful user experience.

  • XIKAR XV v-cutter :

This beautiful cigar cutter is lighter when compared to other v –cutters and portable, it comes in various colors, it cutting action is very swift and can handle up to 64 Ring Gauge.It produces a distinct shape when used for cutting a cigar,which is famously called the “cat eye”.


  • It delivers a perfect cut all the time
  • It can handle up to 64 ring gauge when cutting
  • It comes in various colors ranging from black to silver
  • It is lighter than most v cutters
  • You can customize your name on it.
  • It has a lifetime replacement warranty


  • It is a bit expensive for its grade


  • COLIBRI v-cutter :

It exterior has a high-quality feel,whose design is stain and damage-free evenafter several uses.Its stainless steel blade as well as its spring mechanism cut acigar with little or no effort. It has a ring gauge size of 60 and the blades are locked safely when it is not in use.


  • In terms of the appearance this cutter has one of the best designs
  • It cut cigar with ease because of it spring mechanism
  • It has two years warranty


  • It opening begins to seize periodically over time
  • It is a bit heavier and that can be an issue
  • It does not have a lifetime replacement policy


  • Perfecto Cigar Cutter by Cuban crafter:

Ever in need of a cigar cutter that cut the exact size off your cigar cap? If your answer is yes, the perfecto cigar cutter is your choice. It can be used on all types of cigar and can handle up to 54 ring gauge.The icing on the cake is it has a lifetime warranty.


  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • It well sharpened stainless steel blade cuts with high precison.


  • It is a bit heavy



This is your perfect desktop cigar cutter,which has four,two of which are straight cut while the other two is v –cuts, it has a storage for the bit of tobacco cut off, it requires close to no maintenance.


  • It has a ring gauge of 60
  • Requires little maintenance over time
  • Storage for tobacco scrap
  • It can handle 4 cigars at a time
  • It can be used for making two types of cuts


  • It is expensive compared to some other desktop cigar cutters



  • Mesa Fina Madera desktop cigar cutter by Cuban crafters:

Its body and handle are made from oak wood, painted with a gold finish.Its beauty is elegant and works perfectly for each use.Its blade is very sharp and it is well lined-up with the cigar holder. It’s blade is safely locked by the press of the lock button. It is a great gadget for the cigar smoker.


  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It is very easy to use
  • It is a bit cheap compared to other cutters in its category.
  • It has a one year warranty


  • it handles one cigar at a time
  • it does not have a lifetime replacement policy

Cigar Cutter buying guide

For most beginners, a cheap cigar cutter may seem perfect at first, until it destroys a good cigar. How? Simply because the best cigar cutter is made of high-quality materials and uses precision blades as part of a good product design. It allows you to cleanly cut the cigar cap and cut the filler blades, which means good airflow, for a pleasant cigar smoking experience.

A cheap cigar cutter tends to crush the blades and may break them, resulting in a lack of air and poor combustion, and therefore a bad experience. To avoid the risk of damaging premium cigars by investing a little more and buying one of the best cigar cutters.

There are many types of cigar cutters, and we present some of the best in the following categories:

Guillotine or straight cigar cutter


Many cigar lovers like the single-blade or straight guillotine for its precise and clean cut of the cigar cap. The double blade type is preferred because it cuts both sides without tearing the paper of the cigars.

Wedge Cigar Cutter

The wedge-shaped cigar cutter makes a serrated hole, similar to a V-cut. It is innovative because it cuts the same depth on one side, providing a large surface area.

Punch Cutter

The piercer also makes a hole in the cigar cap with a round blade. The smoker must make sure that the hole in the cigar cap is large enough to allow for a good draw. The risk is that the hole is too small, as then the cigar will not smoke easily and will not burn well. Smokers will find that two holes need to be drilled in the cigar cap.

Cigar Scissors

This cigar cutter has some unique features, such as being made of stainless steel to ensure a clean cut. It is imperative to buy high-quality, if not the best, cigar cutters to avoid any tearing or damage to the cigar wrapper.

Traditional cigar cutters vs. hole cutters.

After all, the stamp cutter is still being manufactured, while the cigar cutter is commonplace for hobbyists.

We focus on the technical differences between the two. Which one is better is a matter of personal choice, as every cigar lover has a different character and taste in cigars.

The Cigar Cutter

The most popular way to cut cigars accurately is to use a cigar cutter. There are many types of cigar cutters and their function is to cleanly cut the tip of the cigar so that air can pass through when smoking.

Caution must be taken when cutting a cigar. Care must be taken when cutting the wrapper, as there is only one specific area where the wrapper should be cut, and each type of cigar is different.

This must be observed so that the structure of the cigar is not dissolved and destroyed, which can result in an unpleasant smoking experience. Therefore, the smoker is advised not to cut the cap of the cigar too much (a few millimeters are sufficient for a flat-tipped cigar).

If you cut the cigar too much, you may become frustrated when ventilating or have excessive extraction. When this happens, the quality of the cigar’s smoke suffers greatly, as the cigar becomes overheated and acquires a bitter taste.

One of the advantages of the cigar cutter is its ability to gently cut the cigar to prevent the flakes of tobacco leaves from settling in the smoker’s mouth.

Another reason is its versatility: it can be used for all types of cigars, including figurado. This is perhaps one of the reasons why most smokers prefer a cigar cutter to a cigar cutter.

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The Cigar Punch Hole Cutter


The cigar cutter, on the other hand, is a tool used by many smokers because it does not cut like a cigar cutter, but rather makes a clean circular hole in the cap of the cigar through which the smoker sucks in the air.

Some smokers point out that this type of cutter produces less smoke because it only makes one hole through which the air exits, as opposed to a cigar cutter that makes a full cut.

As some smokers have found, the narrowing of the hole often causes the cigar to go out and forces the smoker to relight it. The cigar cutter is also not as versatile as the cigar cutter, as it cannot be used for cigars that are not torpedo-shaped.

However, some smokers welcome the use of a cigar punch. A cigar punch applied to the cigar cap significantly prevents detachment during smoking by keeping the cap intact. Since the cap remains more intact, less tobacco leaf flakes also accumulate in the smoker’s mouth.

As for the problem of lack of intake air, some users make two holes in the head of the cigar, since only the hole is made with a punch. This strategy allows the smoker to suck in enough air while smoking.

Cigar users also notice that the cigar’s punch makes the cigar more full-bodied. According to cigar aficionados, this noticeable effect is due to the increased tar buildup in the cigar’s cap.

A cigar cutter can also be comfortable to carry when smaller than a cigar cutter; and they are often used as key rings by some cigar smokers, making them more accessible.


By now we know that choosing the best cigar machine requires research and we often seek advice from experienced smokers or cigar stores. For starters, past reviews, tests and recommendations on the best cigars will answer many questions about the product.

If you notice, some of the best cigar cutters mentioned above are regularly sold out, which is another indication of their popularity and the expertise of experienced cigar smokers. Any cigar aficionado would recommend beginners to buy one of the best cigar cutters from the start to avoid wasting high quality cigars.

In summary, in our best cigar cutters, reviews and recommendations, we conclude that the most outstanding among the cigar cutters are the Fantastic Flora with copper carved design in antique silver box and the Golden Wings cigar cutter. The reasons for this are its beautiful appearance (thanks to its nice design) and the sharpness of the blades. It guarantees to cut any cigar cap effortlessly, with a precise and smooth movement.

And of course, the other best cigar knife is JiFENG’s All Duty Metal Construction Painted Skull in Black Ground, because its design is so popular that it even appeals to cigar-smoking Harley fans.

A cigar cutter is an important gadget for aficionados. To have the best one requires paying attention to every single detail explained above. After careful consideration of all the important factors required when buying a good cigar cutter,these cigar cutters listed above are the best among their peers when it comes to giving your cigar the best memorable cut ever after each use.

Always concentrate when cutting your cigar to avoid accidents.