A day in the club and smoking cigars with your buddies on an open field is always relaxing and awesome. I just love my golfing time and many reading here definitely do too. The problem is when I am smoking my cigar and when I am playing, there is no good place to store it even in golf carts.

One of the solutions that helped me a lot was golf bag cigar holder which clipped on easily onto the bag and whenever I wanted I could keep my cigar in it and continue with my game. It is a simple method that seems to work amazingly, small clips holding your cigar. No mishap no issues.

Then as I started exploring more and more, I came across cigar holders for golf cart which were more stable, sturdy and some also worked like ashtrays. These holders held it tightly and collected the ash at the same time too. It kept the surrounding area clean and it never fell on anything too.

Now there are many different types of tools available to hold your cigar on the field for ex there is one that fits into the ground etc. So I decided to list out some of the most famous and awesome ones so that you can select the best one for you quickly and easily and do short reviews of them.

It is small, it is cheap and works very well. This clip is quite famous on Amazon with over 99 customer reviews totaling in four and a half stars, this simple clip is a must in every golfer’s bag. Even if you don’t need it every time you can just keep it in your bag for those times that you might need it.

It can be clipped on anything such as golf cart or golf bag, it can hold upto 54 gauge cigars and is vertical holding so your cigar remains lit.

One of the key features is the bright color so you don’t forget it after clipping it. All in all it is a good cheap golf cigar holder for you to have.

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A more posh looking this holder is bit more costly then the minder and that is because it made to impress. It is designed well so it looks more on the classy side rather then a cheap plastic clip.

It can also be used as a clip on ashtray because of its bulk holding area. It is also not made of plastic but instead made of nylon which does not melt or burn the surface. It can also be clipped to anything that includes your golf cart, golf bag and even boats if you decide to take it there. It is also 100% made in the USA.

With around 60 reviews giving it over 4.5 stars it is one quality buck for the money holder that will stick with you for a long time. A lot of reviewers have loved its clamping power and how easily it clamps on to anything. It is a great product that can be used anywhere and not just while golfing. If you have extra bucks to spare this will be the tool to go for.

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This is a multi purpose tool which can also be great if you are not a smoker. It can be used as a cigar holder, putter holder, club caddy and Divot repair tool.

It is also patented technology with which they are able to provide 4 in one system to help you all round. It is not the clip system though so you can’t just put it anywhere, it has hooks so you have to put it in the ground when using it like a tee.

The cigar holder is open which means the cigar is not tightly held by a clip or latch but instead is just balancing on a small curve. It is great if you just need to put something on for a sec or two, but it can be hard trying to balance your cigar on it and also if its windy out cigar will fall off the holder.

It is a good multi purpose tool no doubt, so if you look at all that it provides and think to yourself if this what you need then by all means go ahead, it is quite cheap too. But if you are just looking for a good reliable golf cigar holder then maybe give this a miss and go with perfecto or minder.

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This magnetic cup like cigar holder is perfect for those looking to keep there cigars in the cart while they are playing the shot. It holds upto 60 gauge cigars. It is also good to note that since you are keeping your cigar in it, it does not clump or press it in any way. It attaches to any metallic surface easily including poles or golf carts.

It can also be used for other purposes like when you are boating, sailing etc. It’s a good idea to have a nifty little cup holder which keeps it neat and clean and looks good on the eyes too.

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I know there are many choices out there ranging in every price and design, but I personally love Perfecto and Ninety degree wedge as it doesn’t press hard on the cigars to keep it in place. I like open systems because it keeps the shape of the cigar intact and also lets it burn freely without interrupting the flow in the middle where it is pressed.

If you don’t feel like spending you can always just go with the minder, it is one of the best clips out there and for such cheap price you can buy 10-20 and just keep it in your bag for a good time or backups incase you lose any on the ground or just forget about them.

Also remember to avoid throwing ash in the wind as that stuff does travel and can go in somebody’s eye or mouth. I have seen that happen.