When your passion for cigars is to be measured or rated, one major consideration is the creative and sublime choice of your cigar humidor. This defines how much you care about your cigars and the value you place on enjoying them to the maximum. With a good humidor, your need to preserve the quality of your cigars is laid to rest and of course, this helps you enjoy every moment of smoking your cigar.

A Cigar Humidor is vital to keeping your cigars at peak level to provide you the best satisfaction you require of it. A top-notch cigar humidor should reflect the tropical environment in which quality cigars are grown, processed, and of course, rolled. For many people it is more than just a box that helps to preserve, store, and age cigars for a few years, a cigar humidor can also be an aesthetic piece of furniture.

Benefits And Uses Of Best Cigar Humidor 2020

A cigar humidor is usually made of wood and sometimes acrylic glass or high-quality plastic with its inside lined with a material (usually wood) that can maintain humidity. It is made to provide an environment of constant humidity for the cigar stored in it. This helps to preserve, store, and age cigars.

Either you consider buying a desktop cigar humidor or a travel cigar humidor to keep your cigar fresh, the major differences and major consideration for purchase are the sizes, mobility, and amount of cigar it can hold per time. The desktop humidor can carry between 20 to 70 cigars while the travel humidors are made for storing just about 2 to 10 cigars. It happens sometimes that cigar smokers use a Cigar humidor in their homes for special occasions, personal cigar storage, or even the beauty of the humidor itself.

Important Considerations Purchasing Your Cigar Humidor

  • Size and shape:

You’ll get to see different cool sizes and shapes of humidors, the first thing you need to do is to know and decide on the one that bests caters for your cigar collection if you need to constantly move it, then note the mobility too.

  • Wall thickness:

In buying a Cigar humidor, the type of wood the humidor is made of and the thickness of the walls are important. An average humidor will have walls of up to 0.5 inches thick, but a top-quality humidor will have a thicker wall of up to 0.75 inches thick. The additional thickness ensures more insulation and by extension allows a stable environment inside the cigar humidor.

  • Tight seal:

Buying a Cigar humidor made with the best wood and lined with authentic Spanish cedar won’t be of much use if it comes with a seal that isn’t tight. In a Cigar humidor, a tight seal is ultimately important to keep the smell of your cigar intact and keep them secure as possible in cases of water incidents.

  • Accessories:

Generally, there are two other options when picking which humidor you could buy. You could either buy one with a built-in hygrometer and thermometer or you purchase one without these accessories and purchase them separately.

Reviews on best cigar humidors 2020

  • Mantello 100 Cigar Desktop Humidor –  Glasstop Humidor


This humidor is classy and can hold up to a maximum of 100 cigars depending on the size you choose. It is made of a cedar shelf and a divider that allows you to manage the space in your humidor efficiently to achieve the maximum capacity.

Made of a glass top, this Mantello humidor boasts a humidifier, a hygrometer placed on the exterior, a lock, and a key lid that ensures the humidor is properly closed to prevent irregular humidity, a moveable tray divider and a brass hinge. At $59.90 this humidor is a fantastic bargain as it comes with Spanish cedar lining.


  • Classy look and it can carry up to 100 cigars.
  • Convenient to place anywhere.
  • Has a hygrometer on the exterior.
  • It has a lock and key lid and a moveable tray divider.


  • Interior does not feel good


  • The Treinta 30 Cigar by BCIC – Desktop Humidor


If what you’re searching for is something better than the humidors imported from China, then this humidor from BCIC is what you should consider. Cigar people make their platinum series models carefully handmade in Latin America where cigar is part of their culture. It is made to contain 25 cigars for those who buy a box at once and is portable with a plate to inscribe your name on the humidor.


This brand has its humidors hand sanded with its finish applied in eight layers giving a distinct advantage ahead of its peers and they are designed to last years. It is very hard to find a quality for a price this low at $149.99.


  • Hand sanded finish which makes it look very appealing.
  • An almost perfect latch system to ensure seal.
  • Comes with a plate to engrave your name.



  • Can only carry 25 cigars.


  • La Cubana Cigars Wooden Cigar Humidor- Desktop Humidor


This cigar humidor is made of wood and by well-known cigar manufacturers, La Cubana Cigars. This high quality cigar humidor comprises of all the qualities you can think of in a perfect cigar storage box. With a lacquer finishing, efficient metal framework inside and double interior spaces for keeping your cigar at just $99, it comes with a hygrometer, a hinge that’s opening and closing easier and of course it’s made of kiln-dried Spanish cedar.


  • Made by cigar manufacturers.
  • It has a nice lacquer finish.
  • Great metal framework with double interior.
  • It has kiln-dried Spanish cedar.



  • Hygrometer fails easily


  • Quality Importers Desktop Humidor, Capri- Glasstop Humidor


Gorgeous and almost flawless, this humidors engineering is definitely first class. The capri glass top humidor comes totally lined with quality kiln-dried spanish cedar and has quality importer’s sureseal technology to make sure of a proper lid seal every time you close it. There is also a scratch-resistant felt-lined bottom, gold-plated hidden quadrant hinges, a one-round humidifier and a nameplate where you can easily engrave a name for yourself or when gifting it. This box comes in at $28.01 but is well worth it.



  • Quite cheap for its quality.
  • Comes with a one round humidifier.
  • Has a scratch resistant bottom and quadrant hinges.
  • The glass top makes it easy to view.



  • The humidifier tends to fail sometimes.


  • Amalfi 50-75 Cigar Antique Style Humidor, Walnut Finish


This cigar humidor priced at just $50.74 holds up to 50 to 75 cigars with its antique style. It is a rare fit for those with a classic taste as its design is inspired by antique furniture. It features a smooth open and close mechanism on hidden quadrant hinges and an engraved brass nameplate with antique brass pull.


In details, it’s made up of one large rectangular humidifier and one hygrometer with a brass frame, a sureseal technology that makes sure of proper lid seal, maple veneer with french antique walnut finish and of course a kiln dried spanish cedar lining.


  • Can hold up to 75 cigars.
  • Design is inspired by antique furniture with a walnut finish.
  • Sureseal technology to make sure of proper seal.
  • Smooth open and close mechanism.


  • Humidifier is not so reliable.


With keen attention to construction, beauty, customer satisfaction, performance, design, and value for the price even among the fierce competition, these cigar humidors stand out among the rest. Just so you know what the industry standard is, these are the best cigar humidors you can find in the market and will guarantee you a memorable cigar moment after each use.