Cigar Blogs I Love

Here is a list of the best cigar blogs I found on the internet. I  loved the content all round these blogs after reading them for quite sometime. – Written by Jerry and Walt along with some more members, it is a complete stop reading place for cigar reviews. They have interviews to audio reviews to video reviews and a lot more. It is a great blog to read. – Written by Patrick Ashby, Patrick Semmens and George Edmonson. Founded in may 2006 by two co-workers with the same name – Patrick they write about cigar reviews along with other happenings such as news in the cigar world. – Founded in 2007 it now as multiple authors contributing to the site by providing cigar reviews all in one place. Any cigar you want to read a review can check out this site or filter and find a cigar for yourself by the way it is categorized on there. – This site is written by multiple authors and the idea behind it is to pair cigar with drinks and discuss it. Which I loved. There recent articles were cigar reviews along with some gadget reviews. – Written by Craig (cause cigarcraig) he writes his personal opinion on the cigars that he smokes with a funny take on cigar scale. I don’t want to tell you about it but you should check out the site and try to figure out (hint: check about me page). – toastedfoot is one stop place for news, contests and reviews. They run some really good contests. Written by Jonathan David, it is a must check out blog. – Started by Matt, he wants to provide reviews for all the cigars you can possibly get. Check it out.