Even though the way both are used is completely different there can be some doubts about it. The entire cigar punch vs cutter idea came to me when a reader emailed me and asked about which one should he use. Since the idea of this blog is to help new cigar smokers I thought this was a perfect post topic.

To start off with there are various methods on how to cut a cigar but for this topic we are only going to be talking about two types that is punch and cutter.

Cigar Punch Vs Cutter – 10 Differences

Type of cut – A cigar punch provides a hole cut in the cap whereas cutter slices off part of the cap entirely.

Example of Punch Cut Clean cut with a cutter

Using it – To make a hole with the punch, you have to insert the punch system into the cap and push it into the cap till the hole is made. Once the hole has been created you can pull it out and depending on whether it has a retractable blade or not you it will either go back into the body and push out the part of cap that it made a hole into. Cutter on the other hand you slice a part of cap by keeping your cigar in between the blades and in one strong motion closing the blades leaving a sliced cut on the cigar.

Smoke – Since the punch creates a small hole there is not enough space for the smoke to travel through the cigar and thus produce lot less smoke then from slicing it. The cutter on the other hand since it slices right through there is a much larger cut and therefore it produces much thicker and stronger smoke.

Draw – Cutter provides an easier draw because of the cut whereas punch has a bit harder draw to compensate for the lost air.

Xikar is my most favorite brand when it comes to cigar accessories and is also trusted by many other aficionados.

Xikar Twist Punch Gunmetal is a 7mm twist mechanism punch cutter which comes with a closing action that clears any tobacco from the blades easily.

It also has depth settings that lets you set the depth of the hole for a perfect smoke that you want.

A perfect backup punch or a gift for any cigar smoker.

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Flavor – Since punch produces a small hole not leaving much space for air to travel and smoke to produce the flavor quality is not as good as the cutter.

Size – A punch is a really small tool which can fit easily on a keychain whereas cutters are not that small to keep em around all the time.

Convenience – A punch cut is quite simple and there is very less chance of ruining the cap and having the cigar unravel whereas if you don’t know how to use a cigar cutter or make a mistake and cut the cap at the wrong place the cigar can unravel and ruin the entire experience. Also sometimes with a cut there is loose tobacco which can come into your mouth during smoking.

Mistakes – If you make a punch cut and don’t like it you can always use a cigar cutter and correct the mistake but if you make a cut before and make a mistake there is no going back.

Tar Buildup –  Because of the small opening with a punch the tar gets accumulated at the end of it which overtime ruins the taste of the cigar whereas with a cutter this does not happen.

Finally – Cigar punches can only be used on round cap cigars whereas a cutter can be used on all types of cigars.

This simple xikar guillotine cutter is perfect for those who are looking for something that is good quality and reliable.

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This was my list of reasons for the cigar punch vs cutter argument, which one do you use and why? Leave a comment below and let me know.