There are pros and cons to choosing a glass top humidor or a solid wood humidor for your cigars. This choice may seem small, but it is actually quite important to the way your cigars will taste.

In this article, we’ll go through the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

First, let’s look at glass top humidors.

Pros of a Glass Top Humidor

A glass top humidor allows for increased visibility of the cigars, which is appealing to many cigar aficionados.

Here are the main pros:

  • Visually appealing
  • Allows you to see the cigars inside

Glass top humidors look really nice and they allow you to show off your favorite cigars. That’s great for when you have friends over or bring someone into your home because you can show all of your cigars off.

And if you want to be able to see the humidity levels inside those cigar humidors, then glass top humidors are also a better choice for that as well.

Cons of a Glass Top Humidor

The verbiage “see-through” makes this seem like a very attractive option, but there are drawbacks to using an open-style humidor.

Here are the two main cons of a glass-top humidor:

  • More expensive than solid wood
  • Aesthetics can fade over time
  • Light exposure can hurt cigars
  • You can’t mount a humidification device on the glass
  • Two seals that can leak

The main issue is that glass top humidors are more expensive than just regular cigar humidors. And if you have a problem, then it can be costly to fix.

Glass has an aesthetic appeal but is also damaging to cigars. Cigars need to circulate in the cigar humidor so that they can properly age.

Proper circulation can mitigate the negative impact of light exposure.

Another drawback is that you can’t place a humidification device directly on the glass. You must install the device on the side of the box.

This changes how humidity spreads through your humidor.

Don’t overlook the fact that glass top humidors come with two seals to worry about instead of one. This brings more risk that the seal will fail.

Now, let’s look at solid wood humidors.

Pros of a Solid Wood Humidor

Here are the main pros of solid wood humidors:

  • Cheaper than glass top humidor
  • Easier to construct for handmade units
  • Can hold solid-state humidification devices directly on the box
  • Only one seal

Wood is cheaper, easier to work with, and allows you to use any number of humidification devices. After all, humidity can be added via gel packs, sealable plastic bags, or even Boveda Packs.

Solid wood also provides protection against exposure to light.

Cons of a Solid Wood Humidor

Here are the main cons of solid wood cigar humidors:

  • Less visually appealing
  • No visibility into the inside of the box if you want to check on your cigars

Solid wood is less visually appealing than glass. It’s just another thing that makes glass top humidors better for showing off.

There’s also no visibility with a solid wood cigar humidor. You can’t show off your cigars to anyone who’s curious. If you want to check their humidity levels, you can’t see the cigars inside.

Glass Top Humidor vs. Solid Wood (How Do You Decide?)

Whether you choose a glass top humidor or a solid wood cigar humidor comes down to what you’re looking for in a humidor.

If you want the convenience of being able to place a humidification device directly on the box and seeing your cigars, then go for a glass-top humidor.

But, if you can live without those features, don’t mind the aesthetics of solid wood cigar humidors, and your priority is aging your cigars, it’s hard to beat the solid wood option.

Glass top humidors are more expensive and less sturdy for everyday use, but they look nice and provide you with visibility into your cigar humidor. They’re also easier to maintain than solid wood humidors so they might be a better choice if you don’t know much about caring for them.

To decide which is best for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much am I willing to spend?
  • Do I care about seeing my cigars?
  • What do I want aesthetics-wise?
  • How important is aging my cigars?

How much you are willing to spend for a humidor depends on if you’re looking for an affordable one, mid-level cigar humidor, or top-of-the-line purchase.

Seeing your cigars and installing a humidification device on the box is convenient but not necessary, so if you don’t mind those features, solid wood cigar humidors are a better option.

Aesthetics-wise, there’s no clear winner.

Aging matters because fermented tobacco tastes better, but if you’re not really having problems with your cigars right now, this might not be a priority.

If you need an affordable humidor to store your cigars in right now or are thinking about making a mid-level purchase for yourself or others, then go ahead and choose glass top humidors.​

It just depends on what you want out of your cigar humidor so it comes down to your personal preferences.

You’re the only one who can decide what cigar humidor suits your needs best, so choose carefully.

What Do The Experts Say?

It’s always wise to look at what long-time cigar aficionados say about humidors. Most experts agree that solid wood humidors are better for aging cigars. But, if you can’t commit to a solid wood option, a glass-top humidor with a Boveda Humidification Pack would suffice in terms of cellaring your favorite high-quality cigars.

But if you’re serious about cigar storage and aging, then take the advice of many experts and choose a solid wood cigar humidor.


Whichever humidor you choose, keep quality and longevity in mind.

With humidors, you usually get what you pay for—so you might as well invest in something that will give you the results you want for years to come.

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