So you have finally learnt how to smoke a cigar and you are holding your stogie in your hand feeling confused about how to hold a cigar.

Fret not, there isn’t any science behind it that you will have to learn there is a simple method to holding your cigar that you can follow right now.

Also it is important to know that there are many styles on how you hold it which we will talk about below.

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How To Not Hold A Cigar

First things first and I feel like it is important to talk about cause even though it is bad for fingers and looks stupid I see lot of new smokers still doing this.

Don’t hold your cigar in between your index and middle fingers like a cigarette.

Cigars are big and thick and which is why they have to be held with pressure, they are also obviously not as thin as a cigarette.

If there is a wrong way of doing it, then this is that way.

How To Hold A Cigar

Ideally the most simplest way is to hold your cigar with your index finger and your thumb. This ensures that your cigar is tightly held on and also that it is handled properly.

This is also ideal to maintaining key balance of your cigar which helps in avoiding any accidents. Such as it falling on you.

Other then that there are many other ways that you can try and interestingly there was a study that showed what each holding style meant for the person, basically his personality wise and what goes on in his mind.

As you can see above with so many styles to try you can easily pick the best one for yourself that also resonates well with your personality but most importantly go with comfort more then anything.

Remember there is no correct or wrong way on how to hold your cigar, just do what feels the most comfortable in your hands and try to avoid dropping it.