So you want to make a humidor, or maybe you already have one that’s not working well. I’ve seen many people trying to use different kinds of containers to store their sticks in, but not everyone knows how humidors are supposed to work. If want to know how to make a humidor out of Tupperware.

What Is a Tupperdor?

A tupperdor is a cigar humidor made out of a Tupperware container. As long as you know how to make a humidor with Tupperware, your cigars will be well stored and ready for smoking at any time.

What You Need

You’ll need the following items:

-A Tupperware container large enough for all your cigars

-Distilled water – as pure as you can get it

-Your favorite cigar

-Humidifier solution *optional*

What Options Are There?

There are many different kinds of tupperdors out there, but the main idea is that they’re made out of a plastic box used to keep food fresh or something similar. This tutorial is going to focus on the tupperdor made from a large Tupperware container.

How to Make a Humidor Out of Tupperware: The Process

Start by rinsing the inside of your tupperdor with distilled water and wiping it dry with a paper towel or dish cloth.

You should do this at least once a month to make sure you’re not storing humidified cigars in a dirty container, but if you want to keep your cigars perfectly fresh between smokes this should be done every few weeks.

Pick out one of your favorite cigars and place it in the bottom of your tupperdor. If you’d like, you can add some humidifier solution to the bottom of the Tupper before adding the cigar, but this is an optional step.

Add about a quarter of an inch of distilled water to the bottom of your Tupperdor, then place the humidifier over the top and let it soak up some of that water. Add water as needed until you reach what the manufacturer considers the correct amount for that particular model, or if it’s not marked simply fill with enough to cover all your cigars.

At this point, you can also add any extra humidity solution you want.

Place all your cigars in their new container and they should be ready to smoke within hours!

Some people invest money in cigar lock systems or other more complex storage devices, but these are generally unnecessary if you know how to make a humidor with Tupperware properly.

Just add the right amount of water and leave it alone for a day or two before adding cigars.

How Does A Tupperdor Work?

Cigars are made up of dried tobacco leaves which is naturally very low in moisture.

The humidifier solution keeps the water level high enough that the humidity can’t escape through the plastic so your cigars stay fresh and ready to smoke for months!

When storing different kinds of cigars together, try to group like with like if possible. For example, put all mild smokes together and don’t mix with stronger ones because strong flavors can affect others nearby.

Also do not use distilled water more often than you have to because that can change the flavor of your cigars or ruin them entirely if you add too much solution.

It’s a good idea to keep a small notebook of the cigars you’ve placed in your tupperdor and when they were added so you can check flavors and decide which ones go best with others before smoking outside of storage.

When using these Tupperdors, it’s important to remember they may need more or less humidification depending on their size and how many cigars they contain.

How To Take Care Of Your Tupperdor

Once you make your tupperdor, you need to know how to properly care for it.

Start by wiping the inside every week or two with a paper towel dampened with distilled water to make sure any debris from the cigars doesn’t stick to the walls.

If you smoke your cigars on a regular basis, make sure to add more distilled water about twice a month and check the humidity levels every time you add water. If it’s not staying at or above 60%, add an extra solution as needed.

At no point should you ever let the humidity level drop below 40% because that can cause cracking in plastic tupperdors while destroying wood humidors almost instantly!

When taking care of your tupperdor, it’s also important to keep your cigars away from direct light sources that emit UV rays like windows. If you need to store your cigars in a specific location for a long time, it might be best to keep them somewhere else rather than risk damaging the taste of your investments.

How to Make a Humidor Out of Tupperware: Conclusion

Now you know how to make a humidor out of Tupperware.

If you keep your containers clean and add enough distilled water, your cigars should be plenty fresh whenever you want them.