How to smoke your first cigar

Smoking a cigar is a great way to unwind or celebrate a special occasion. Before you smoke a cigar, you have to know how to choose the right kind, cut the cigar, and light the cigar. Lighting a cigar is all about savoring the flavor, instead of inhaling the smoke. If you want to learn how to smoke a cigar like a pro. You should read our article on how to choose the right cigar.

How to Choose the Right Cigar

You should always trust your taste because everyone has their preferences. When you’re choosing cigars, you’re looking for balance and complexity. You want an interesting blend of different tobaccos mixed together in perfect harmony. If your cigar sounds too strong for your taste, you can always choose a lighter cigar. Mild cigars are good for beginners.

What Cigar Should I buy?

If you’re just starting out, we recommend buying some mild cigars like these . If you don’t like them at first try smoking with a pinched or V cut (goes straight down the mouth of the cigar). But if you still don’t like it, try a V cut. Most seasoned smokers recommend using a punch cutter to create a tiny hole in the cigar so that your smoke is smooth and mild. This will not affect how much smoke you’re going to get from your cigar.

How To Cut A Cigar

Cigars should always be cut by a premium cigar cutter. This is the only way to ensure that the cigar is going to be cut straight and set at the right angle so that you can enjoy it. Cigars need space in between them when they’re stored, so when you smoke one, don’t hold it too tight or else you’ll break the cigar.

How To Light A Cigar

To light your cigar, there are multiple ways to achieve this while avoiding inhaling the smoke. The right way to do it is by lighting a “cap” on top of the cigar and making sure that it’s lit properly before you start smoking. When using a lighter, slightly rotate your cigar while holding the flame over the surface of the cigar to make sure that it’s evenly lit. It’s best to light one side, and gradually light the other, so you can avoid burning your cigar.

Now that you know how to smoke your first cigar without inhaling too much smoke or getting sick (if that was even possible) you can celebrate one of the best moments in your life. Smoking a cigar isn’t about inhaling smoke, it’s about savoring flavors and knowing how to do it right.

Cigars 101 How to smoke your first cigar

Find a calm place.

Cigar smoking requires patience and focus.

Find the right cigar for you.

Get a cigar out of its box. If you’re just starting out, we recommend buying some mild cigars like these. You can also buy flavored cigars like vanilla or cherry if this is your first time trying them. Never try an expensive cigar before you know how to smoke one! It can ruin the whole experience.

Cut your cigar the right way.

Grab a premium cutter and cut the cap off of your cigar to avoid smoking it too fast, which will produce a stronger smoke that you might not enjoy. If you don’t have a cigar cutter, use a knife or pair of scissors instead. You can also invest money in a better cutter for more precision.

Toast it!

Toasting your cigar is very simple, just set the flame near the opening of your cigar and rotate it so that all areas are evenly lit. Never light a cigar with a lighter in one motion because you might burn it.

Lighting technique matters!

A V cut seems to be the best option for beginners when lighting cigars. This is because you can avoid inhaling too much smoke, and it evens out the cigar so that you get the same flavor all through. When using a V cut, go straight down into your cigar without any angles to ensure that it’s even.

Smoke slowly!

Light your cigar properly first before taking long drags. Take short puffs to make sure that your cigar is lit evenly, then after 5-10 seconds you can inhale your smoke. Just like with any other cigarette, it’s best to start smoking at the end of your puff and not exhaling too much smoke. Gain control over how much smoke you want to inhale before putting your cigar down.

Blow out and not in. Whaaaaaat?

Blowing smoke in a cigar’s direction will just absorb a lot of the flavor, so you’re going to want to blow it out. When blowing your cigar smoke out, make sure that no air is coming from your nose or mouth. You’ll lose all the flavors from your cigar this way! Just remember how you exhaled when smoking a cigarette. You probably exhaled at a low angle or in a cone shape, right? Just do the same with your cigar because smoke must travel in a certain direction to stay in its flavor.

Don’t inhale!

Just like with any other cigar, you don’t want to inhale the smoke into your lungs. It’s easy to tell when someone is smoking a cigar wrong because they’ll start coughing. Cigars are meant to be enjoyed by sipping on them slowly and taking short puffs so that the flavors stay intact. Smoking too much will produce a stronger smoke that isn’t very enjoyable.

Enjoy the flavors!

Don’t just focus on smoking a cigar, but enjoy it too by savoring its flavor and knowing what you’re going to get from it. Remember that cigars have a variety of their own, so different cigars will give you unique flavors. If there are any hints of spice

Do not tap that ash.

You don’t want to tap your cigar on the ashtray because the ashes might fall in and mess up your cigar. Pinching them can also get you a dirty look from other smokers, so just let it be! As long as you’re smoking properly, you shouldn’t have any problems with ashes falling out. Just remember that you shouldn’t tap your cigar on anything because it can ruin the flavors.

Smoke your cigar until it feels good.

You don’t want to smoke your cigar until the end because it might get bitter, so just smoke when you feel like putting it down. If you’re smoking outside in cold weather for example, your cigar will last longer than if you were smoking in the heat. Just remember to put your cigar down when it gets too hot so that all it’s flavors don’t disappear.

Put it down like a gentleman.

It’s okay to put your cigar down for a bit while talking to some friends or just drinking. Just do it slowly so that all the flavors don’t disappear. You can also hold on to your cigar by putting it between two fingers if you want, but make sure to keep enough space not to burn yourself! When smoking with others, make sure to be courteous and let your cigar go out between drags.

It’s never too late for a beginner smoker to learn some new tricks on smoking cigars properly. Cigars are meant to be an enjoyable experience, so just relax and sip on it slowly as if it’s a fine wine. You can find some great cigars from sites like JR Cigars or from this list of places to buy cigars online . Just make sure that you don’t start smoking in unsafe areas and always ask permission when smoking near others. Smoking a cigar is meant to be easy, so just relax and have fun with it!