Got a lot of cigars or tobacco on hand but not enough time to smoke it all, but also don’t have a humidor for storage? Don’t get worried – your cigars won’t go to waste if you’re able to keep them properly moisturized.

A humidor is way for you to control the humidity in the direct environment or container in which you store your cigars. If you’re serious about getting the most value and freshness out of your cigars, or are a frequent cigar smoker, then you likely already have the best humidor or know what it is.

Maybe yours is lost or broken, but if you need to know how to store cigars without a humidor, it’s good to know there is definitely more than just one way in order to get a as close as possible to the type of storage quality that comes from a humidor.

4 Types of Ways How to Store Cigars without a Humidor

If you don’t have the time to make your own humidor or find out the best place to find a new one if you should need to replace one, there are options available that can help preserve your cigars freshness in the meantime.

Disposable Bags

There’s a common household item right in your kitchen that can help you pretty effectively if you don’t have a humidor on hand or the budget to purchase a better bag. There are special disposable bags that you can find at the tobacco or cigar shop that is made just for your cigar storage.

Storage in Jars

If you don’t have a humidor another option is storing your cigars in a jar. If you have an empty jar in your house, like a jam jar for example, you can fill it up with a very small amount of water at the bottle of the jar, and create a humidifying environment. Top the water with chunks of sponge and then a layer of plastic wrap in order to safely and effectively store your cigars.

Storage in Coolers

One of the easiest tricks or solutions for how to store cigars without a humidor is through a simple cooler set up. All you need is the cooler itself and a soaked sponge. Put the sponge inside the cooler next to your box of cigars and voila – you’re that much closer to the right amount of moisture to keep your cigars fresh much longer.

Storage with Moisture Beads

Just like the average storage in a jar method, you can also utilize mason jars or other glass or plastic jars to humidify your cigar storage. You simply fill this jar with water and instead of sponge, apply a disk of moisture beads, which are an item that can be found for much less than a humidor, but do the job exactly like one if you don’t have access to one. You can find moisture beads at just about any hardware store for about ten dollars or less.