If you’re smoking on a budget not only how you are going to smoke your cigars, but how you store them, is just as important for getting the most value for your tobacco products.

In the case of cigars (or loose tobacco), when your cigars or cigar leaves are not properly stored, they have a tendency to either dry out or unravel by becoming too moist. The way in which you store your cigar can cause you a great deal of difference in money and provide a world of difference on your wallet.

The primary purpose of a humidor is to create an environment for cigar storage that is controlled and ideal for each particular tobacco storage.

How to Make a Humidor and Save Money

If you’re on a budget finding a good humidor can be difficult, but you also have the option of creating your own homemade humidor for cigars. If you’re wondering how to save money while smoking cigars, then you’ll need to also know how to make a humidor you’re so rather than purchasing an expensive one.

This is how to quickly build a humidor

Some cigar aficionado’s jump to the image of a larger walk in edifice when you hear the word humidor – with wood paneling, premium and top class cigars, and generally a higher class atmosphere with an expensive aroma. How accurate is that image? The good news is that this is not exactly accurate and humidors don’t need to be expensive in order to be effective. Humidors can come at little to no cost and created with minimal effort on a do it yourself basis if you’re willing to learn how to make a humidor on your own.

Choose a Container

The storage container that you use is critical to how to make humidor work efficiently for your needs and most ideal storage. Larger cooler and plastic bins alike are good for container, just be sure your container is completely clean and completely free from strange odor, or ideally any odor whatsoever. Choose a container that makes storage easy and cigar boxes to fit easily within the container.

Choose a Humidifier

What is the next step to how to make humidor once you’ve found your container? The next step and element to add is the humidifying that is needed. Controlling your humidity is key and you can find humidifier in all shapes and sizes, to find the right fit for your container.

Choose a Hygrometer

Finally, keeping track of the humidity in your humidor will be measurement you’ll be sure to want to take advantage of. You can easily gauge your humidity levels with a hygrometer, which can be analog or digital, but if you’re on a budget and making your own, the most accurate would be digital types technically. Just be sure to get the most out of your humidity and how to make a humidor on a budget down to your hygrometer by taking the time to properly calibrate it.