For cigar or cigarette smokers, ashtrays are a necessity. Smoking without an ashtray is like having a kitchen without a waste bin and you do not need me to explain how messy that can get.Cigar ashtrays have been existence since the early twentieth century when cigarette makers began to promote the development of cigar ashtrays.

A cigar ashtray is a container or a receptacle, which is usually made of fireproof material like metals,wood,glass, ceramic and the likes,solely for holding ashes from the tip of burnt cigars or cigarettes.

They come in various sizes and shapes, but the most common of all these designs is the cylinder shape with a flat base. The size and shape depend on where it can be used. For example, some cigar ashtrays are wall-mounted in public places. Some are made for use in cars and are characterized as having a firm base, which sits comfortably in a mug holder space and a clip to hold the cigar in place while you drive. Those found in the office or at homes are just a couple of inches taller and weigh a little over a pound.

Benefits and Uses of Best Cigar Ashtray

The major materials used for the manufacture of cigar ashtrays include glass, wood, and rock.Some have lids while some do not. Some have shallow reservoir while others have a deep reservoir.

The depth of the reservoir determines how much of your cigar ashes are kept from the wind.Your choice of a cigar ashtray depends on your own personal taste and environment of use.

Having a good cigar ashtray is one of the best gifts any passionate cigar smoker could ever have at his or her disposal. A good cigar ashtray helps to keep your ashes in one place, which makes your surrounding free of burnt cigar ashes and other remnants of the cigar. Whichever type of ashtray you buy, especially if it is the multi-user types,it will sure improve how clean your environment is, be it your car or your office.

Important Considerations Purchasing Your Cigar Ashtray

  • The Quality Of Material:

When buying a cigar ashtray the first thing to check is the quality of material used in its manufacture.

The major requirements for the type of materials used are mostly concerned with the temperature of the ashes and the consistency of its use especially for multiple users or bars.

Plastics might not be able to handle much heat before melting in bits. As they melt, they trap bits of ashes, thereby compromising the neatness and strength on every use. Metals are more likely to get as hot as the ashes, and that is not exactly ideal for smoking environments. In addition to that, metals are prone to rusts especially when you have drinks while you smoke. Glass, rock and wood have neither of these defects even after long-term use, so they are the most preferred.

  • Design and Shape:

This does not exactly seem as necessary as the quality of the material used, but staring at a sad-looking ashtray is not the way to go. If you would smoke high quality and classy cigars, you might as well compliment that with an ashtray with a cool design and shape.

This factor also concerns the size of the tray, and subsequently the maximum number of smokers that can use it per time. You should also put the depth into consideration, as you do not want to leave your smoking chair to empty the ashtray at several intervals. That could be exhausting. With a deeper basin, you can smoke all you want and take out the trash whenever is convenient for you.

  • Mobility:

Mobility cannot be overlooked either. For cigar smokers that smoke anywhere they go, a very light cigar ashtray that has a lid is most suitable for them.While for the restaurants or bars, a heavy, well-balanced, durable ashtray, which can be placed on the customer’s table, is the best for them.

Reviews on Best Cigar Ashtray 2017

  • Xikar Ashtray Can by Xikar

This cigar ashtray made by xikar is the perfect solution to your vehicle and outdoor cigar ash-disposal headache. It is made of aluminum, which is a blend of class and perfection. It is about the size of a can drink and has a screw-on its top which holds your cigar while it is lit in place while you drive around or have a chat with your friend. It is sold for $19.99 a piece and conveniently fits in almost any car cup holder. It can also be used outside of the car(outdoor) like when you are at the beach. It deep ash storage makes it a perfect tool for both indoor and outdoor cigar smoking



  • It is easy to clean
  • It deep ash reservoir makes it usable both indoors and outdoors where it is a bit windy
  • It has a stable base; this gives it a good balance.


  • It is prone to rust and other metal deficiencies.


  • Stinky Cigar Car Ashtray by Stinky

The design of this cigar ashtray can only be expressed in one word, – “simple”. It is made of stainless steel and has a spring clip attached gently to it head. This serves to hold the cigar in a perfectly horizontal position. It fits beautifully into mug holders in cars. The lid covers the ashtray reservoir when not in use or when you are not ready to dispose of the ash.It is sold for $14.92 a piece, which is a bit cheaper when to compare to the xikar ashtray.



  • It is not expensive
  • It has a lid that safely keeps the ash in it reservoir
  • Its design is simple and clean


  • It is light and can easily fell if used outdoor
  • It is also prone to rust if use for long outdoors


  • SiCoHome Glass Ashtray by Sicohome

This piece of glassware is beautifully designed and shaped in a floral pattern, which makes it a must-have for every passionate cigar smoker. It is handmade and it is free of lead and chrome.It can be used in cafes, restaurant, bars and outdoors or as a gift for your beloved ones or simply as a decoration for your is sold for $12.59 per piece.



  • It can be used my many peoples at once due to is wide nature.
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor.
  • It is not too expensive


  • No cigar holder is present on it
  • It doesn’t have a lid to keep the ash safely when used outdoor.
  • It is fragile and breaks easily if not handled with care


  • Mantello Deep Blue Ceramic Cigar Ashtray by Mantello cigars

It is a single cigar smoker ashtray made out of ceramic, beautifully designed to please your desire.It has a deep ash basin large and deep enough to keep the ash safely away from the cigar, and it has an approximate dimension of 8” x 4”.it is handcrafted. It is sold for $14.99 per piece.



  • It can be used multi-purposely,that is both indoor and outdoor
  • It gives holds the ash safely in it deep basin.
  • It is easy to clean


  • The ceramic cracks when water is kept in it over time
  • Its base is not well balanced



  • Tobacco leaf Print Crystal Ashtray by Quality Importers

Quality importers have being known to always go for perfection in their design and this cigar ashtray is not an exception.It is manufactured from k9 crystal a painting of a tobacco leaf at its base, which reflects elegance and beauty throughout the entire piece in a dynamic 3D display.It, is sold for $33.36 a piece



  • It is very easy and simple to clean.
  • It is heavy and sits firmly on any flat surface.
  • The designs take long before it can start fading
  • It has a deep ash reservoir to keep the ash in place


  • It is not very mobile due to it heavy nature
  • It is a bit expensive


Taking a page out of the morals playbook, cleanliness is next to godliness. If godliness isn’t your style, healthy living is compulsory. You don’t need to have ashes lying around your personal space on the account that you smoke is not appropriate at all.

Having control over how free your surrounding is from remnants of cigar ash or unburnt cigars, depends on the quality and effectiveness of your choice of cigar ashtray. We have listed the best cigar ashtrays available,which guarantees effectiveness, durability and keeps your cigar ash collection in check.