A Cigar cutter is an essential tool for aficionados, and to have the right cigar cutter to be used correctly is an absolute pleasure.

When I started as a newbie I would use a knife to cut cigars which obviously created a lot of problems and didn’t work as well as a cigar cutter would.

So one day I decided to just go online and buy a cheap one, since I was a newbie I just picked the first thing I saw on amazon without any understanding of what kind of I was buying or how it would cut.

Unluckily I bought a v-cut cigar cutter, and if you don’t know they are not exactly the beginners cutters since they make a wedge on top rather then cutting a part of it like guillotine cutters. Not surprisingly as soon as I tried it on my first cigar, it broke loose and the wrapper came out , ever since then I have messed around with a lot of them and so I thought it will be a great idea to help you choose the best one for you.

If you are in a hurry you can check out our quick selection of top 3.

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What makes a good cigar cutter?

When selecting a good piece a lot of personal taste also matters along with the type of cigar that you prefer to smoke. If the ring size of cigar is more then 60 than normal cutters can be bit of problematic when trying to cut.

Some thing to keep in mind when selecting a cutter is sharpness, comfort and design. Also you should also know how to cut a cigar obviously.

Sharpness: How sharp the blades are will tell you how easy it will be to get a clean cut from it, some companies have amazing products with very shape blades that cut in a snip. It is a mechanical knife after all, so having a sharp one will do the job much better. Nowadays with competition being tough a lot of companies out of the box provide high quality sharp blades, so if you receive a blunt one make sure to contact the company and let them know I am sure they will fix it and send you a replacement.

Comfort: There are many different types in the market ranging from table tops, guillotine to v-cut etc. Aficionados who have a specific place to smoke daily such as office tables etc prefer a table top cigar cutter for clean simple cuts.  Those who travel a lot prefer small portable ones to be able to smoke wherever they go. Another thing is how easily are you able to snip the cigar, if it is not comfortable in the hand you might slip and cut at the wrong place.

Design: Design is purely personal, there are many different designs in the market for cigars such as teardrop cutters etc. On top of the base design, almost all the companies employ exquisite designs on the cutters. The one you decide to go with will depend entirely on whether you like it or not. It is a good point to remember that design should come second and quality of the blades should always cut first. Cutting is the sole purpose of this.

These are some of the cutters that I have worked with. They are sharp, easy to use and get the job done very nicely. We have added them according to there price so you know the best one to get in your budget.

Best Cigar Cutters (2018!)

Xikar are best in the market and you will definitely see some of them in the list. This is an excellent one with its self sharpening blades which give you crisp cuts for a long period of time along with its ergonomic design which feels great in the hand to hold.

The body is made of aluminium and with the titanium finish looks excellent too. Weighing around 4.8 ounces it might feel heavier from all the other ones but it does not feel too heavy or too light in the hand.

They can handle upto 58 ring size cigars with ease and with the spring action it opens smoothly making the whole process a lot simpler.

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Visol VCUT30003 Square Cigar Cutter

This cigar cutter is perfect for those who are looking for something different design wise. This square shaped cutter looks quite different from the conventional tools but works just as great as the others.

It has a switch on top which you have to flip to open the sides and the center chamber. To be honest it feels really cool to flip the switch on the top and seeing the sides from this square shaped mechanical beast. It can cut upto 56 ring size without any issues any further then that you will have to squeeze the cigar in.

Made with quality stainless steel body with a black matte finish made by the visol products, it is a perfect cutter for someone looking for a different design.

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Xikar MTX Scissor Cigar Cutter

If you are more of a manual guy and don’t like the mechanisms of other tools then this scissor shaped cigar cutter is just for you. It is sharp, it is manual and best of all it comes with other tools in the body that can help your cigar smoking experience.

First of all this cigar cutter is perfect for cutting out parts of a uneven burning cigar, which you can’t do with other ones. This helps keeping the experience right for a long time without having to sacrifice the cigar.

Attached accessories are a flat head tool and the poker tool which is great for unplugging cigars. There are also other tools attached like the screw driver and bottle opener which weren’t really required and don’t even work that well.

Its compact size, effectiveness and design make it very easy to carry around and you can even attach it to your keys with its key ring. Do remember to not keep this cigar cutter in your pocket when it is opened as it is almost a scissor with sharp blades.

Another thing that it is great for is cutting cigars in half or entire part completely. Sometimes you might not be in the mood to smoke a complete cigar but the usual cutters can’t accommodate an entire cigar easily, with this tool you can cut at any place according to your choice easily.

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Table Top Quad Guillotine & V Cut

Table top cutters are one of my most favorite cutters out there, obviously they are not very travel friendly but if you sit at a certain place like your favorite cigar club or office desk or your home they are quite good to have. I personally love the lever mechanism of it, one pull on the lever and swish the cigar is cut.

The biggest advantage they have is that they come with guillotine and v-cut cutter all in one along with the fact that they can take almost any size cigar in it.  Made of sturdy materials with sharp blades they are good quality table top cutters to have in your smoking place.It provides four different holes, 2 for guillotine and 2 for v-cut of different sizes.

A small area inside collects all the clippings that are cut and stores them for you to easy clean. It can be accessed by a removable door on the bottom when you are ready to clean. It is made of stainless steel and is strong and sturdy and looks good on a table.

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Prestige Import Group Walnut Desktop Guillotine Cigar Cutter

If you are looking for something that is more resembling to the actual guillotine then this walnut table top cigar cutter is the perfect choice. Right from the design made of walnut wood body along with chrome plated hardware it looks classy which means it can go with any type of interior or a good table that it is kept on.

It also contains a drawer underneath to collect all the clippings so you can clean it out on your convenience and not leave a mess. It also comes with a push button mechanism that keeps the blade in place when it is not being used. It is always a good idea to have anything that has open sharp blades in controlled environment where someone might not mistakenly cut there fingers.

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Alaska Bear Cigar Cutter

They might fall into one of these cheap categories when it comes to price but they are definitely worth the amount. I will be the first one to say that not all of the cheap cutters out there are good ones, but this definitely makes the exception to that rule.

This cigar cutter is sharp, they look great and for the price they are definitely worth the buck. This is one of those cutters that you can buy just to try out cause of the price. They are also good to keep as backup in case you can’t find your most favorite one.

When buying these don’t expect for them to come in a fancy box that you would have received with one of the products, they come in a small clothed pouch and ready to use. They are sturdy and feel good in the hand and with self sharpening blades they are definitely worth the buck.

You can literally stock up on Alaska bear cutters.

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Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter

If you have some money to spend this will be perfect to go for. It is made to last, that means if you are a rugged user then this will be perfect for you. The snapping mechanism along with the design makes it worth every cent. Made of high quality materials, looks and feels great in hands.

Made from strong materials it is designed to last for a long time. The blades are sharp and provide a nice clean cut easily and in one snip. Also the mechanism to open the handles is quite fast and feels good to press. It is perfect for those who are looking for something which looks classy and feels good in hand on budget.

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Tonino Lamborghini Le Mans

We are now getting into extreme precision and the fancy stuff region. It also has a push button mechanism on it which helps snap it open and looks really cool while you do it too. Made with black carbon fiber and comes with 2 year warranty. It also comes with ultra sharp stainless steel blade, so know that it is very sharp.

This gorgeous piece of machinery is beautiful and feels sturdy to hold in hands, not like some of the cheap ones which might do the job but when it comes to holding them in hands they tend to give up. if you have the budget go for the Tonino Lamborghini Le Mans just for the way it feels in the hand.

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Palio Cigar Cutter

Palio is ergonomically designed with vibrant colors to look like the best from the bunch. it has a large cutter opening and is made with hardened surgical metal, which is a good feel on the hands since it feels sturdy and strong. The body is plastic but doesn’t feel like plastic when held. When kept on the desk it can also be used as a cigar holder.

The blades are thin but refined, sharpened and are made with hardened surgical steel which provide sharp simple cuts fast and easy. It comes in a very good package and is worth the buck.

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Xikar Xi3 Mayan X Cigar Cutter

One of the most expensive cigar cutters on amazon, they are based on the original Xi3 design and mechanism but what sets them apart is the Mayan inspired design on it. It is made with ancient metal working technique perfected in the orient. The design is themed on ancient ideas by the Mayans and are colorful, vibrant and exquisite looking when in hand.

The cutters themselves are top quality and as I said they are based on the original Xi3 design which is top notch. The Xi3 are sharp bladed, well built with good quality materials cutters and are considered one of the best in the market.

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There is no one cutter that suits all, for you to find out what works best according to your style, status and preference you will have to go through some of them. I have listed all the best cigar cutters that are good according to me, but you might have a different one which might be the top one according to you.

When selecting one that you will use for years to come it is important to know all the factors about it such as cigar size, place etc.