Hi there and welcome to the top cigar blogs to follow page. When I started this blog my goal was to educate new guys/gals to understand how they can learn the art(yes I call it art) of smoking cigars and that is what my blog will be dedicated to, answering stuff like how to cut a cigar or what is a stogie etc.

Although I will be writing my blog to help new learners as much as I can I know some of you will want to read more stuff, more cool and awesome stuff. Which is why I decided to compile my reading sites here in one page.

I have been reading these blogs for quite sometime and have loved there content all round. Here is the list of the best cigar blogs on the internet.

stogiereview.com – Written by Jerry and Walt alongwith some more members, it is a complete stop reading place for cigar reviews. They have interviews to audio reviews to video reviews and a lot more. It is a great blog to read.

stogieguys.com – Written by Patrick Ashby, Patrick Semmens and George Edmonson. Founded in may 2006 by two co-workers with the same name – Patrick they write about cigar reviews along with other happenings such as news in the cigar world.

cigarinspector.com – Founded in 2007 it now as multiple authors contributing to the site by providing cigar reviews all in one place. Any cigar you want to read a review can check out this site or filter and find a cigar for yourself by the way it is categorized on there.

stogiesontherocks.com – This site is written by multiple authors and the idea behind it is to pair cigar with drinks and discuss it. Which I loved. There recent articles were cigar reviews along with some gadget reviews.

cigarcraig.com – Written by Craig (cause cigarcraig) he writes his personal opinion on the cigars that he smokes with a funny take on cigar scale. I don’t want to tell you about it but you should check out the site and try to figure out (hint: check about me page).

toastedfoot.com – toastedfoot is one stop place for news, contests and reviews. They run some really good contests. Written by Jonathan David, it is a must check out blog.

straightupcigars.com – Started by Matt, he wants to provide reviews for all the cigars you can possibly get. Check it out.

That is the end of my list, do check out these blogs for some amazing stuff to read.